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Ground Fogger Machine

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Model #:FT19138

Ground Fogger Machine

Perfect for any Cemetery display!

Fogger that creates the eerie cemetary scenes where the fog hugs the ground. 110v required. 400watt

The Ground Fogger creates 2000 cu. ft. of frightening low lying fog per minute. Since the fog doesn't rise quickly into the air, you can create extra scary effects at floor level. Heater 400 watts. Fuse 120v, 10 amp. 120v 60Hz. Remote with 6ft cord included. Warming up time is 3-5 minutes.

  • Tank Capacity 1.4 Liter
  • Preheat Time 3-5 minutes
  • Power 400 Watt

Ground fog juice sold separately.

Tombstone and tapestry not included.

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