300 The Movie Costumes

Officially licensed costumes from the movie 300! Women's Queen Gorgo Costumes, Men's King Leonidas Costumes and The Immortals Costumes for Halloween. Halloween Express has a large selection of officially licensed 300 Costumes and Accessories! Search our selection and recreate the Battle of Thermopylae today!

The movie 300 was an epic movie recreating the Battle of Thermopylae. A mere 300 Spartans fought with such ferocity that terrible and very severe war casualties were caused to the Persian Army. The Persian Army had been so terrorized that the residual fear afterward caused them to become nearly depleted, mainly due to desertions amongst their ranks. Word of the Spartan resistance spread throughout Greece, and more and more groups of men joined with them. Eventually, the Spartan army numbered over 10,000 men. Imagine, you and your group of friends dressed in full battle regalia - recreating the battle of Thermopylae. You and your fellow Halloween revelers can become soldiers, appearing ready to go into battle and will be anxious to fight with both courageousness and bravery. The "300" costume selection represents the soldiers as well as the main characters from the movie. Your costume choices include King Leonidas, the brave leader of the Spartan soldiers, and his wife Queen Gorgo, the sultry queen who finds herself in a bit of trouble of her own. The Persian King Xerxes with his own arsenal of exotic weapons and his body of troops, "The Immortals" will be fun to dress up as, as you prepare to fight against your friends who are dressed in Spartan uniform. The characters come right out of another era not to mention a really great movie. Recreating 300 for your Halloween party is bound to create quite a war cry!