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Addams Family Costumes

Addams Family costumes for the entire group! Halloween Express has officially licensed Addams Family Costumes and Accessories. Women's Morticia and Wednesday Costumes, Uncle Fester Costume and Gomez Addams Costume. We even have Wednesday's favorite friend, the crawling hand! Search our selection and assemble the perfect Addams Family Costume group today!

Uncle Fester, Morticia and Wednesday Addams Costumes! The Addams Family actually began as a comic strip but eventually became a television series that was popular from 1964-1966. After the end of the television series, several different animated cartoon shows were created based on this quirky family. Over the years, several feature films have been made starring Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley and the rest of the Addams family household and extended family. The Addams' live in a house that is a bit of a wreck and it looks as if it could be haunted. Morticia, the matriarch of the family looks as though she could be a vampiress - she has long, dark hair and pale skin. Her goofy and childlike husband (that Morticia completely worships) is handsome and affable Gomez. He's wealthy but doesn't take himself too seriously. He is wildly in love with Morticia. The kids, Wednesday and Puglsley have unique personas of their own. Wednesday is dark and dreary and Pugsley seems unfettered by Wednesday's obsession with getting rid of him. The Addams' pretend to be a normal suburban family but are really anything but. They are always friendly to strangers and seem to be completely unaware of how odd they appear to the most dubious of strangers. Recreating this close-knit as well as macabre family for Halloween is going to be just the right mix of darkness and hilarity to make your Halloween absolutely one of the most memorable.