Angry Birds


Angry Bird Costumes

Angry Birds costumes are a great group idea! Halloween Express has officially licensed Angry Bird Costumes in all shapes and sizes. Red Angry Birds, Yellow Angry Birds, Black Angry Birds, Lazer Bird, Ice Bird and Angry Birds King Pig Costumes. Both adult and child costumes for Halloween. Browse our costumes and assemble your Angry Birds Costume group today!

Angry Birds costumes, Yellow Angry Bird costumes, Red Angry Bird costumes and King Pig costumes! Welcome to America's latest favorite obsession, and one of world's most downloaded apps. This is the game that has taken the entire world by storm. These giggling, mischievous little birds don't really seem that angry as they are sling-shotted into their archenemies "the pigs" various maze-like hideouts. The actual impact of the bird's bodies creates various levels of damage and then subsequent mayhem to the pig's shelter's and then eventually to the pigs themselves. The simple idea of the game is to make contact with a pig, which will take him out in the process. These silly (yet supposedly angry) birds have found their way into well over 12 million iPhone and Android phones. People everywhere are taking out their frustrations on these green pigs "hiding in their house." Virtually everyone is seemingly addicted to this game! Your group of friends will be a very unique cast of feathered characters for Halloween by recreating the pigs and the Angry Birds themselves for Halloween dress up. Get on the bandwagon and be a character from one of the most mainstream games and downloaded apps ever created.