Army of Darkness


Army of Darkness Costumes

Halloween Express has officially licensed Army of Darkness Costumes and Costume Masks. Good Ash Adult Costume, Evil Ash Adult Costume, Evil Dead Ash Mask, Evil Dead Ed Mask and Winged Demon Mask. Search our selection and join the battle this Halloween!

Army of Darkness Costumes! Army of Darkness is a 1992 comedy horror fantasy film and is the 3rd installment of the Evil Dead Trilogy. Army of Darkness picks up where Evil Dead II ended. Ash Williams, the main character, has found himself trapped inside the Middle Ages where he must battle with the "undead" in order to find his way back into the present day. This film series over the years has garnered a significant cult following because of its non-gory, slapstick style of humor. The characters from this film are perfect for Halloween dress up and will make for a unique costume experience.