Austin Powers

Austin Powers Costumes

Austin Powers costumes for the entire group! Halloween Express has officially licensed Austin Powers Costumes and Costume Accessory kits. Austin Powers Costumes, Dr. Evil Costume, Felicity Shagwell Costume, Foxxy Cleopatra Costume, Fembot Costume and Costume accessories to complete the look. Take a look at our selection and create a Shagadelic Costume group for Halloween!

Austin Powers Costumes! The Austin Powers Trilogy features 3 films, each of which parodies spy films such as those like the James Bond series. The hilarious and flirtatious Austin Powers character is a ridiculously flamboyant British spy famous for saying things such as "Name? Austin Danger Powers. Sex? Yes, please! " Ironically, Austin is not necessarily that easy on the eyes, but women still find him, for whatever reason, completely irresistible and he doesn't seem to have any issues asking "Shall we shag now...or later?" Recreating the very memorable characters from the Austin Powers series for Halloween is going to be a shag-worthy adventure featuring many silly spy misbehaviors. Choose to dress up as Austin Powers himself or perhaps Felicity Shagwell, Dr. Evil, Fembot or Foxxy Cleopatra. You and your friends can recreate the entire cast of Austin Power's characters for your next truly "Shagadelic" Halloween party. Yeah, baby! Yeah!