Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

When it comes to traditional tales, there is none so captivating as the story told in the Beauty and the Beast. No wonder the classic legend has repeatedly been reinvented for new generations. Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Velleneuve originally wrote the story of the Beauty and the Beast as a fairy tale, the familiar fable subsequently being published in the year 1740. Once Disney got a hold of the tale in 1991, the incredible story came to life in the most magical possible way. This year, Disney has done it again and will soon introduce moviegoers to a new live action retelling of the epic Beauty and the Beast drama that has inspired audiences for decades. The tale of the spirited Belle and her beastly captor turned friend will forever hold a special place in the hearts of us all.

The Best of Beauty and the Beast Costumes and Accessories!

When it comes to recreating some of the most memorable characters from the Beauty and the Beast, it’s all about the details. We have put together a Beauty and the Beast costume collection that quite frankly, is unsurpassed. This unique selection of Beauty and the Beast costumes contains breathtaking Belle dresses for “Belles” of all ages, so even the littlest ones to more grown up gals can dress up as their favorite Disney heroine. Realistic Beast costumes and masks, as well as replica accessories, round out our amazing Beauty and the Beast costume collection. This year, Belle and the Beast promise to be some of the most exciting characters you could ever imagine--make sure they are a part of your next dress up adventure.