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Breakfast Cereal Costumes

A novel and fun idea for Halloween is to recreate one of these characters straight off the cereal box and right into your next Halloween party. These characters are fun, seem a bit retro and may even come with a few surprises inside - just like those boxes of cereal did in years gone by. Cereal is part of a balanced breakfast, too - so go ahead, and enjoy!

Who can forget watching Saturday morning cartoons and seeing the enticing and unforgettable commercials advertising kid-oriented breakfast cereals? The cereal companies did a great job of creating charming as well as memorable characters (almost as fun as the cartoons themselves) that became imbedded in our memory banks. These characters, such as Lucky the Leprechaun, Count Chocula as well as the Trix Rabbit have been enticing children to buy breakfast cereal for years. Some of these characters have been around so long that today's parents remember them vividly from their own childhoods.