Civil War

Civil War Costumes

Dressing up as a Civil War era character is a great way to recreate history for an exciting trip back into time. Getting into these fabulous looks is a great way for kids to learn about an important time period in American history which is why you see many schools having dress up days for this purpose. Civil War re-enactments are also a very popular activity for many these days, and getting the historical costume look just right is a huge part of the fun of the experience. Of course, these Civil War looks are also perfect for many other dressing up opportunities, our personal favorite being Halloween of course! Can you imagine the fun of having Abraham Lincoln or Scarlett O' Hara show up at your next Halloween party? Exactly. Check out our amazing selection of Civil War costumes and transport yourself back into time!

Dressing up in period costumes has almost become a national phenomenon. When it comes to historical eras that are fun to recreate and replicate, the Civil War era is one of marked distinction that will always be a favorite of all costume lovers. Ladies of the Civil War era were fond of elaborate tiered dresses with tightly corseted waists and huge hooped skirts--accessorized of course with an appropriately coy parasol and huge bonnet. Gentleman were often known to wear waistcoats and top hats, creating a dignified elegance, even for those southern rogues who were well known to not really give a damn. And then of course, there were the soldiers; from infantrymen to the stately officers, whether for confederate or union, who sported uniform looks of their own with a variety of weaponry at the ready.