Early American

Early American Costumes

Colonial as well as Revolutionary War era costumes and traditional dress are a great way to remember important historic events from days gone by. Whether you are dressing in an Early American costume for a school project, other event, or simply want to don a historic look for a dress up occasion or Halloween, these authentic Early American costumes are going to take you back to a time when American history was being forged and many traditions that are still practiced today were at their earliest inception.

Back in the 17th century, throngs of people from England and other parts of Europe seeking a new life in a rich environment came across the sea to settle into what would eventually become known as the American colonies. Many settlers were fleeing religious persecution and came to America so that they could practice religion and worship however they saw fit. This time period has become much celebrated through the observance of Thanksgiving, a traditional holiday based on American folklore suggesting that a celebration was held between the Pilgrims and the Indians to commemorate the first harvest in the new land.