Elivs Halloween Costumes


If your inner Hound Dog is dying to come out to play and you want to create an unmistakable look for Halloween, dressing up as Elvis might be the perfect look for you. With wigs, sideburns, sunglasses, jumpsuits and a mic in hand your Elvis look is going to be nothing short of Burning Love!

Elvis Costumes and Elvis Jumpsuits! Elvis Aaron Presley was one of the most popular singers to hit the 20th century, so much so that for most of his life and career he was known only by his first name, Elvis. Born in humble circumstances in Mississippi, Elvis was a self-taught musician that learned to play by ear, with no formal musical training whatsoever. With only his passion for music to drive him, (as well as a wickedly strong sex appeal and stage presence) Elvis became intensely popular, especially amongst female fans. Elvis became well known for his body gyrations and shaking hip movements which usually led to a lot of screaming on the part of his female fans. It's been said that Elvis was just really nervous in those initial days and that is what made him move in that crazy way - but those well-known moves of his were eventually part of what parlayed Elvis into infamy. Elvis became increasingly popular through his live shows and eventually Hollywood took notice and Elvis made several movies, the first of which was "Love Me Tender." Elvis' iconic popularity stayed with him up until his death in 1977. Elvis continues to be one of the most impersonated and well-known performers of all time.