Evil Court


Evil Court Costumes

The Evil Court selection offers a Medieval take on Halloween, with a definitive dark and gothic twist. Your group Halloween dress up is going to have maximum impact with this truly sinister costume selection.

Evil Court Halloween Costumes! Dark. Gothic. Mystical. Creepy. These terms describe the costumes from Thy Evil Court to the haunted hilt. These costumes are scary, yet are definitely a bit off beat for those that are looking for Halloween looks that border on shocking. If you are into recreating the ultimate Wicked Royal Family and want to make your group dress up event especially esoteric, this line of costumes is just for you. Each member of your group can be one of the Evil Court members. The regal, yet very dark and evil King as well as Queen, the frightening, yet oddly whimsical Court Jester, or the powerfully dark and frightful Evil Knight. There is even an Evil Prince and Evil Princess for your pint-sized court members that want to be a part of the Royal Family. Every member of the Evil Court is represented for you and your friends to choose from with all the necessary accessories to take your Evilness to the next level. Don't forget to complete your Court assemblage with the spine-tingling Court Executioner - a truly frightful way to round out your Royal Grouping!