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Fairy Costumes

Fairy-Licious has come out with an assortment of dark and gothic-looking Fairy costumes that will definitely suit you if your desire is to recreate a much more sultry and diabolical Fairy Look. Whether you choose to be a Vampire Fairy, a Devil Fairy or the sinister Graveyard Fairy - Fairy-Licious is going to create a darkly sensuous look for you and all the other Fairy wannabe's in your Halloween group.

Fairy Halloween Costumes! The fairy has always been a mysterious as well as mythical creature well known in folklore. Fairies have a human form and although they can be either male or female, most people associate fairies with female characteristics. Most fairies are thought of as whimsical, small statured beings that buzz around efficiently on a nice pair of gossamer wings. Other fairies, however, historically have a much darker history and a more demonic past. There are some fairies that were thought to be demoted angels or perhaps even demons, themselves. These more gothic fairies aren't quite the traditional pretty little pixies that you used to read about in everyday "Fairy Tales."