Family Guy

Family Guy Costumes

If you are planning to dress up as a group for Halloween, recreating The Fat Man and the rest of the crazy Griffin family is going to be a completely Dipsalucious Blast!

Family Guy Halloween Costumes and Stewie Halloween Costumes! The Family Guy is an animated cartoon series on the Fox Network. The Family Guy tells the story and the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin Family. The father, Peter, is a working-class guy who frankly is a bit of an idiot. Lois, the mother is a practically minded, stay at home mom that also teaches piano lessons. Meg, the teenage daughter is a bit of a big nerd who is clearly having trouble fitting in anywhere. Chris, the chubby and not-so-bright brother, is sort of the younger version of Peter, and is also a bit of a loser. Stewie, although technically a baby, speaks with great knowledge and intelligence, with a British accent of course. Although he still requires diaper changes and feedings, he is clearly one of the brighter members of this family - although Stewie can also be a bit diabolical and angry in his behavior at times. Brian the dog, in an ironic and bizarre twist of logic, may very well be the most level headed and grounded of the Griffin bunch. Brian talks and behaves as if he is human and is actually very rational and is often the voice of reason in this crazy family.