Fantastic Four

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Fantastic Four Costumes

If you and several of your friends are looking for a group of costumes that will be unique, see what the magical super powers of the Fantastic Four can do for you!

Fantastic Four Halloween Costumes! A group of astronauts, after accidentally receiving a large dose of radiation exposure, suddenly find themselves developing strange and unique, almost magical powers. Reed Richards suddenly has the ability to stretch his body like rubber. Susan Storm finds that after her radioactive exposure, she now has the ability to become invisible. Johnny Storm finds that he can now withstand even the most extreme heat and also has the ability to fly. Ben Grimm has received the most dramatic changes. His transformation has made him appear large and rock-like. Along with the change in his appearance, he now has vast superhuman strength as well. The Fantastic Four began their story in the pages of Marvel comic books. This super hero saga continues and has been made into 2 feature films starring all the unique characters as they carry on with their adventures.