Flintstones & Jetsons

Flintstone Halloween Costumes

Whether you take yourself back to a prehistoric time period and recreate the Flintstone's cartoon family, or if you decide to dress up as the futuristic family, The Jetson's - these loveable cartoon characters created by Hanna Barbera are going to always be a classic costume choice.

Flintstone Costumes and Jetsons Costumes! The crazy stone-age cartoon family, The Flintstones has been around since about 1960. Saturday morning cartoon programming made this family legendary and most "big kids" now can remember watching their crazy shenanigans as children. Fred Flintstone, a working class quarry worker, works for Mr. Slate digging rocks - that is, when he's not digging himself out of some very troublesome situation he's gotten himself into. Fred is a heavy-set guy with a huge appetite and temper as well. Even though he's known to get frustrated from time to time, his huge heart usually brings him back to reality. When things get really bad for Fred he's been known to scream in a primal yell - "WILMA!!!!!!!!!" He knows who to run to when he's really in trouble, and that is his lovely as well as level headed wife, Wilma. Wilma usually knows how to put Fred back in his place and bring him back down to earth. Fred's lovable best friend and well-known sidekick is Barney Rubble. Barney often finds himself in situations that he'd rather not be in because of Fred and his hare-brained schemes. Barney is loyal to Fred and because of this, he finds himself always looking for ways to explain the messes he's gotten himself in to his wife, Betty. Both Betty and Wilma are well known for their love of shopping, and probably as a way of dealing with Fred and Barney are often seen, credit cards in hand, shouting "Charge it!!!!" Pebbles, is the adorable daughter of Fred and Wilma. Bamm Bamm is the oddly strong adopted son of Barney and Betty, and was named Bamm Bamm because those are the only words that he knows. He gets his message across, however. In complete contrast to the Flintstones, is the cartoon family The Jetson's. This futuristic family is living a cosmic as well as spaced out life somewhere in the future--with every imaginable luxury and modern convenience available to them. The year is 2062, and in the Jetson's world their life is made easy by all sorts of crazy robotic contraptions and amazing inventions. George Jetson, the father of the household, is a middle-aged family man who works for Spacely Sprockets. George has a tendency to screw things up quite a bit and gets himself into a lot of trouble with great regularity. Jane, his wife, loves fashion and every possible modern gadget she can get her hands on. The oldest daughter of the Jetson family is Judy. A typical teenager, Judy loves to dress up in modern fashions and go out with her space-age friends. Elroy, the youngest of the Jetson brood, is small boy with a great mind for science as well as invention.