Friday the 13th

Friday The 13th Costumes

A Halloween "Jason" look is one of the most frightening choices you could ever make. If you are really into the horror genre, recreating your own Jason is going to be a terrifying choice. Recruit some of your friends to be camp Crystal Lake Counselors, or even Ms. Voorhees herself and you will have a really creepy cast just for Halloween while reliving Friday the 13th!

Jason costumes, Jason hockey masks, Jason lake signs and wallpaper and Jason hands! One of the most successful horror movie franchises on record is the Friday the 13th movie series. 12 movies based on the original 1980 movie have been made, with a gradual metamorphosis of the character Jason, whose appearance has become more and more frightful and sinister over the years. In the original 1980 Friday the 13th slasher film, Jason wasn't even considered the protagonist in the story and although he did tragically die in an accident, he wasn't the killer, it was his mother who had set out to avenge his death. Jason, a child at the time of his death, was supposed to have been watched by 2 camp counselors, but sadly drowned in Crystal Lake while the counselors were busy having sex. The drowning of Jason sets the theme for many of the future versions of Friday the 13th. Crystal Lake become an evil and possessed body of water and Jason then came back to life to cause all kinds of mayhem with anyone who tried to restore the Camp to Crystal Lake. During the 3rd installment of Friday the 13th, Jason began to wear his infamous hockey mask. Probably worn to cover up his hideous deformities, Jason donned the hockey mask and has kept it on ever since - it is most definitely his frightful calling card and he is most identifiable by it.