Geisha Costumes

Geisha costumery is seductive, beautiful and very rich in history. For a costume look that is exotic and enchanting for both you as well your friends, the Geisha experience may be just the thing you are looking for.

In the very early years of Japanese history, the tradition of the Geisha began to evolve. The Geisha's purpose was that of an entertainer, and although her clients were primarily men, in most cases a traditional Geisha did not engage in paid sex with their clients. Extensive training went into becoming a Geisha, and it took many years to become full-fledged. Girls often started their Geisha apprenticeship at an extremely young age becoming first a Maiko (which means apprentice Geisha) and eventually after enough training and when reaching a certain age, a girl could become a full Geisha. Geisha's traditional skills involved dancing, the reciting of poetry and the playing of musical instruments. Geisha are taught the skills of light conversation and this interaction would likely contain flirtatious behavior and subtle innuendos. Clients of Geisha that understand Japanese culture know that the teasing nature isn't a promise of anything more - and Japanese men seem to enjoy knowing that nothing more can be expected and any sexual consummation can never be. There is, however a great deal of confusion from those outside the Japanese culture regarding the role of the Geisha. To add to the confusion, after WWII, there were Japanese women that were acting as prostitutes and primarily serviced the American servicemen that were stationed in Japan during this time period. These women dressed up in Kimono's and other Geisha-like costumes, a look that clearly imitated that of legitimate Geisha. These girls, known as "Geesha Girls" may have looked liked Geisha to American GI's, but were nothing more than prostitutes that were looking to cash in on an opportunity.