Ghostbusters Costumes

Dressing up as a Ghostbuster crew member for Halloween might just be the perfect costume solution as there are bound to be many ghouls, ghosts and demonic beings floating around that may need containment. Your Ghost-busting' services are bound to be useful at your Halloween celebration. You can dress as a traditional Ghostbuster, a sexed-up female version of a Ghostbuster, or perhaps the kids will want to be a part of the ghost exterminating action in their own Ghostbuster get up. No matter which look you choose, you will have the answer when anyone asks, "Who ya gonna call?"

Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes and Sexy Ghostbusters Costumes! Back in 1984, the catch phrase "Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!" became infamous. The movie Ghostbusters was one of the highest grossing movies at the box office in its day and the reasons for the popularity of this film are obvious. The story line was fresh and original (if not a bit crazy) and the casting was nothing short of brilliant. The "Ghostbusters" as they became known, came into existence basically out of unemployment. Three NYC parapsychologists decided to go into business and formed this quirky extermination service - the point being to capture and eliminate ghosts from haunted places. The crew would take their apparatus and extract the ghosts or spirits that were abiding there, and put them promptly into a containment unit.