Gilligan's Island

Gilligan's Island Costumes

A great Halloween group costume dress up would be to recreate this eclectic group of TV castaways for your next Halloween party. Perhaps you can answer the burning question that has been floating around men's circles for the past 40+ years - who is hotter...Ginger or Mary Ann?

Gilligan's Island Halloween Costumes! Back from 1964-1967, the very popular sitcom "Gilligan's Island" was setting the bar very high for today's modern reality show survivors. The premise of "Gilligan's Island" was that during a 3-hour boat ride and tour off the coast of Honolulu, the chartered boat known as the "S.S. Minnow" was caught up in a horrible tropical storm and eventually capsized on a deserted island out somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. This left both the crew and tourists riding the boat hopelessly shipwrecked. The island they landed on was close enough to Hawaii that radio broadcasts from the Big island were often received by the castaways, yet no one could ever seem to find and rescue them. The castaways made numerous attempts to be rescued and/or get off the island but through one mishap or another, (usually involving Gilligan and his dimwittedness) all attempts at being rescued failed. The cast of characters includes Gilligan, the numbskull first mate to the Skipper who is sweet and lovable, but very accident-prone. Gilligan is constantly making mistakes that frustrate everyone, particularly the Skipper. The grumbling Skipper spends most of his time hatching plans to try and get the castaways rescued or to get off the island. The rest of his day is usually spent undoing messes created by Gilligan. The other members of the shipwrecked cast include Ginger, a glamorous movie star that slinks around the island in an evening gown and full make up. Ginger uses her looks and sex appeal to always get what she wants. Thurstan and Lovie Howell are a millionaire married couple that although are extremely wealthy, they are learning the hard way how useless money is while trying to survive on a deserted island. The professor is the brainiac of the bunch and is always busily trying to use his smarts to come up with plans to hopefully get the group rescued. Mary Ann is a simple farm girl from Kansas and is the sexy, sweet and most amiable one of the bunch.