Grease Costumes

The fifties is always a great decade for costume ideas, but becoming one of the characters from "Grease" - or several of them if you have a group of friends, is going to get your chills a-multiplying outta control and will make your Halloween experience nothing short of Greased Lightning!

Grease Halloween Costumes! It is the summer of 1958 and the scenario is typical. Boy meets girl, a summer romance ensues and two lovebirds fall deeply in love. This is exactly the case with Danny and Sandy that fateful summer and after a whole lot of "Summer Lovin" the young couple realize sadly that now Sandy must return to her homeland of Australia. On the first day of school, however, Danny is in for a surprise when Sandy shows up at school and it becomes clear that her trip back to Australia has been cancelled. Danny reacts to the situation at first by "playing it cool" - perhaps too cool because Sandy gets her feelings hurt and although she claims to be "hopelessly devoted" is still quick to begin dating other guys, which in turn gets Danny very upset. On the side, the wild girls of the "Pink Ladies" have gotten a hold of innocent Sandy and have taught her a thing or two about life and love, and now Sandy is beginning to make a dramatic transformation of her own.