Harry Potter

Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter, Death Eater, Lord Voldemort - no matter which character completes your Halloween Harry Potter fantasy, your epic adventures are just really beginning.

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes! The Harry Potter Book series is one of the most popular sets of fantasy books ever written. Eight feature films have been created based on the epic book series and the characters have become infamous. In the beginning, Harry James Potter discovers that he is a half-blooded wizard who has been living amongst the Muggles, or ordinary people that lack any magical skill or abilities. After making this discovery, Harry goes to study wizardry at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry and his new found associates prime objective becomes overcoming Lord Voldemort, the dark wizard as well as all his evil forces. This year marked the release of the final chapter and movie in the Harry Potter series. Dressing as Harry and his gang of cohorts or even as his arch enemy, Lord Voldemort is a great way to commemorate the many years of great fantasy and adventure Harry Potter has brought into so many lives. Bringing your friends together to recreate many of the cast members as a group dress up is a great way to bring the Harry Potter theme into your Halloween Party.