High School Musical


High School Musical Costumes

Recreating the cast of High School Musical is a great idea for any group. With costumes available for Gabrielle, Troy, Sharpay as well as all the cheerleaders, you will be sure to find your favorite High School Musical character for lots of fun for Halloween!

Disney High School Musical Halloween Costumes! One of the Disney Channel's most successful films ever produced, High School Musical has caught the "tween" generation by storm. In this popular Disney film, two high school kids, Troy Bolton and Gabrielle Montez end up singing karaoke together at a party. Sparks fly and the karaoke song is nothing short of magical. One thing leads to another and the duo decide to try out for the Troy High School Musical. Unnerved by the new competition, Sharpay, the self-proclaimed shoe-in for the lead part, decides to try eliminate the new found competition through some of her own methods. Troy and Gabriella, after a few detours as well as ups and downs, try to send their schoolmates the message that you don't have to "stick to the status quo" and that trying new things is cool. Even with the odds stacked against them, the two lovebirds get their tryout, and eventually do obtain the leading roles, leaving Sharpay and her twin brother as the understudies.