Indian Costumes

Many famous Indians have made their name in history - from Squanto to Pocahontas. If you are dressing up for a school historical celebration, Thanksgiving party or just want to be something really exotic and cool for Halloween, traditional Indian costumes may be just what you are looking for. Headdresses, tomahawks, Warrior costumes and even very sexy Indian Princess looks are perfect for your next powwow. Add a little wampum and you will be set for a great adventure-Native American style.

Indian child costumes, Adult indian costumes and Sexy adult indian costumes! Native American traditional dress has become a popular choice for costumes for a number of reasons. American Indians represent an important part of history in the US, as they were the original inhabitants of the lands of America. Long before there were pilgrims, cowboys, pioneers or any other groups of early settlers, Native Americans were living in America, often farming and honing their skills to live off the land they inhabited. Native Americans are sometimes called Indians, a name that started when Christopher Columbus landed in America and mistakenly thought he was in the West Indies. The term "Indians" sometimes is inadvertently used to define the original indigenous people of the America's although today the preferred terminology is Native American.