Jester Costumes

Everyone knows what a clown is, right? Well, there are clowns, and then there are jesters. Historically, the jester was an important part of the King's royal court. In fact, beyond entertaining the king, the Jester often became the King's royal confidante or advisor. Jester looks have long been traditional Halloween favorites and with good reason. Jester costumes are colorful and fun, and some even have a decidedly evil twist. For an unforgettable costume look that combines tradition with originality, a jester costume look might be just what you are looking for.

Are you considered the life of the party? If you are a natural entertainer, when it comes to selecting a costume that most fits your effervescent personality, you may want to consider being a jester. The jester was traditionally the entertainer of the king or other noble person. As the primary royal entertainer, the jester would dance, sing, tell jokes, do acrobatics, juggle or even perform magic. Nowadays, the jester look is a traditional costume character for Halloween, Mardi Gras, street fairs and many other popular events.

Finding the perfect jester look is easy when you know where to shop! We have made your browsing easier by putting all our jester costume looks and related accessories together in one big collection for your convenience. Whether you choose to be a happy, whimsical jester or a jester who appears far more sinister, we have everything you need to put together a jester costume look that is entertaining, captivating and most of all, fun!