Lego Costumes

Lego blocks and their associated characterizations make great costumes--for Halloween obviously, but also for imaginative playtime on any old day of the week. If your child is into playing with Lego's, he or she is going to love our collection of Lego themed costumes and accessories.

Lego Costumes and Costume Accessories! The name Lego comes from the juxtaposition of two Danish words, "Leg" and "Godt" which when put together means, "Play Well." For generations, kids of all ages have been doing exactly this--and with Lego building blocks, playing well is easy and fun. It was only a matter of time before these classic children's interlocking bricks became the inspiration for a movie. In 2014, an ordinary Lego figurine became an action hero destined to save the world. Some of those adventures that kids have been dreaming about for decades made it to the silver screen and gave kids the opportunity to imagine Lego's in a whole new way. We have Lego costumes representing some of the most popular Lego movie characters. Brightly colored versions of Jay, Kai, and Lloyd are sure to get your child excited. Don't forget about the Nexo Knights--Clay, Aaron, and Lance, either. These detailed and fully accessorized costume looks are exactly what your Lego-loving child is dreaming about! With new Lego masks, hands, hats, and costumes, this Lego themed costume collection has plenty to offer. When it comes to Lego costumes, no one does it better than Halloween Express!