M & M Costumes


M & M Costumes!

If you are looking for a costume idea that is sweet, fun and irresistible, dressing as this delectable candy will be the perfect Halloween choice. No Halloween tricks will be involved in this costume as you dress up as the perfect Halloween treat!

Back in 1941, the Mars candy company created M&M's. These colorful, spherical candies with the letter "m" imprinted on them are one of the most popular and recognizable candies in the world. Over the years, many different center flavors have been added to the M&M line up. The most popular flavors are the plain milk chocolate filled or the peanut M&M&'s. Other flavors include: Dark chocolate, mint chocolate, crispy rice, almond, orange chocolate, pretzel, wild cherry, coconut and peanut butter. Everyone has a favorite flavor of these candies that "melt in your mouth, not in your hand." M&M's are also made in varying color assortments designed for specific holidays, such as red and green for Christmas and a pastel color pallet designed for Easter. Bags of "green only" M&M's can be found around Valentine's day, promoting the theory that green M&M's are a known aphrodisiac.