Miami Vice


Miami Vice Costumes

If you want to recreate one of the hottest and sexiest looks of the 1980's, the Miami Vice costume look may be the one that is just for you. Try a slick pastel color scheme along with a pair of classic wayfarer sunglasses to get the look. This Halloween you can take out the bad guys - sexy Miami Vice style.

Miami Vice Halloween Costumes! Miami Vice was considered to be one of the most progressive TV cop shows ever made. The show was on the air from 1984-1989 and featured 2 Metro-Dade police detectives that were working under cover in Miami. Miami Vice was well known for it's emphasis on music and fashion and was marketed as well as targeted toward an "MTV audience." Miami Vice had a significant influence on both music and fashion during the mid to late 80's. The men's fashion look of a t-shirt underneath an Armani sport coat, along with sockless loafers was made extremely popular by the sexy stars that played detectives Tubbs and Crockett. Of course their use of more feminine colors in their wardrobe was notable as well and it wasn't unusual for these detectives to be sporting pink shirts.