Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson Costumes

Moondance your way into your next Halloween party by recreating the King of Pop! This costume idea is going to make your Halloween nothing short of a Thriller!

Michael Jackson is known as the most successful entertainer of all time, thus granting him the well-deserved title of "The King of Pop." Michael Jackson is credited with having 13 records hit Billboard Magazine's #1 position, including "Thriller" which with over 110 million copies sold worldwide, is considered to be the highest selling album ever. Michael became infamous for his distinctive vocal sound which has influenced many musicians of all types including hip hop artists, pop, contemporary, R&B and Rock. Michael's unique fashion style and unique dance style will always set him apart as a truly one of a kind artist. Michael has had many signature looks over the years, but the sequined black jacket and iconic rhinestone glove will always be one of the more infamous looks. Michael also frequently sported military-inspired jackets and this look is often associated with him.