Michael Myers

Michael Myers Costumes

If you are looking for one of the most frightening Halloween costumes ever, recreating Michael Myers may be one of the most blood curdling personas you could ever choose. For a dramatic and ironic twist on Michael's look, check out the sexy girl version of Michael Myers costume. Horror never looked this good!

Michael Myers Halloween Costumes and Masks! One of the most infamously evil bogeymen of all time is Michael Myers, the truly heinous protagonist character made famous in the series of "Halloween" horror films. Michael began his murderous career at the tender age of six when on Halloween night he murdered his own sister. After this event, Michael was locked up inside an insane asylum. 15 years later, Michael escapes from the sanatorium and goes on a murderous rampage. He stalks Laurie, a girl who is babysitting (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) and tries to kill her but eventually Michael's psychiatrist intervenes before Laurie meets the fate that her unfortunate friends have already suffered. Over the years, the character of Michael has crept out of very dark places and onto the silver screen a total of 10 times. His character has morphed into an unstoppable force of evil that can't seem to be killed off or stopped and continually comes back to life.