My Little Pony


My Little Pony Costumes

Our collection of My Little Pony costume gear contains colorful looks for both children and grown-ups. We've also included those important accessories that will help finish off your fabulous foal look--like rainbow colored wigs and wings, of course. What would any authentic "My Little Pony" look be without these little extras? For a look that truly emulates everything good about a memorable vintage cartoon series, check out our lively collection of "My Little Pony" costumes and accessories. And may all your pony adventures come true!

What goes around, comes around, right? When it comes to finding a costume that appeals to all age groups, sometimes those retro classics from our childhood are the most fun to recreate. Saturday morning cartoons have always been a great source of inspiration for costume characters--in fact, the ones we remember from our younger days can be even more fun and even a bit nostalgic. The Hasbro Company first introduced "My Little Pony" in 1983. Mesmerized youngsters fell in love with these rainbow-inspired Saturday morning friends. The cartoon filled with a sparkly and brightly colored clan of fillies was an amazing hit. Today an entirely new generation of children is enjoying the delightful shenanigans of the magical cartoon series, "My Little Pony." The costumes inspired by these cartoon characters are very colorful and whimsical--perfect for anyone who wants to recreate a childhood memory or just inspire the imagination of a child.