Patriotic Costumes

Whether you choose to show your patriotic spirit by wearing something whimsical and a bit sexy, or if you want to don full battle gear with face paint, you will find something here for any occasion and for all age groups. These costumes are perfect for Independence Day celebrations, Memorial or Veteran's Day Parades, President's Day, school celebrations, Election Day and of course, are especially great to show your love for your country on Halloween. Why not? Stars and Stripes Forever!

Patriotic Halloween Costumes! There are lots of ways to show patriotism. Flying a flag, remembering those that have fought in the military, honoring our veterans - there's plenty you can do. Sometimes the occasion calls for nothing less than to really let your patriotism shine, and for those occasions, a full spectrum of Red, White and Blue is absolutely necessary! Whether you are dressing as a full-fledged Uncle Sam, or dressing in full Military regalia, your support of your country can be worn literally right on your sleeve. Need an Patriotic costume idea? Check out our how to video of How to Create the Perfect Uncle Sam Costume Look