Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

If you want to recreate a cast of characters that will be sure to shiver yer timbers, the Pirates crew is the perfect Halloween choice. Choose from the ol' chumbucket Jack Sparrow himself, or his pirate archenemies such as Davey Jones, Barnacle Bill and Blackbeard the Pirate. A sexy female role can be easily achieved by dressing as Elizabeth Swann or the diabolical Angelica, daughter of the dreaded pirate, Blackbeard. For some serious swashbuckling fun, the Pirates of the Caribbean look can be just for you!

Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween Costumes! The legendary Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has now brought to life the whimsical Pirates from the original theme park attraction made famous by Disney. Four extremely popular feature films have been made based on the concept of these punch-drunk buccaneers. The star pirate character of the Disney films is Jack Sparrow, the role being portrayed by Johnny Depp. With a definite hard-core, sea-legged swagger, Jack Sparrow appears to be in a perpetual state of extreme drunkenness. His quirky character can be fierce and brave - as well as a little dimwitted at times. Jack's adventures include rescuing beautiful kidnap-ee's and fighting the evil ghost Pirate Davy Jones. Jack also has dealt with the grossly morphed Barnacle Bill, the notorious Blackbeard the Pirate and his cunning and beguiling daughter, Angelica.