Playboy Costumes

Officially licensed Playboy brand products are for women who want the highest quality garments available that are designed to achieve the sexiest look possible. Playboy brand costumes are designed to help women realize their ultimate dress up fantasies while looking very sexy. Bring out your inner playmate with a sexy look designed with your sultry bunny side in mind. Don't forget to dress your significant other in a smoking jacket as a super suave version of "Hef!"

Playboy Halloween Costumes! Playboy is an infamous men's magazine that published its first issue back in 1953. Since that first issue, Playboy has become one of the most infamous publications associated with female sexuality. Playboy magazine, in addition to nude photographs of women, also features newsworthy articles that are targeted toward a male audience. The Playboy brand name has branched out to reach retail customers as well. Pirates, Cheerleaders, Gangstas, Angels, Witches - they're all here, with a signature ultra sexy Playboy twist.