Popeye Costumes

Popeye, the sailor man, is one of the world's most legendary comic book characters. Since 1929, Popeye has been entertaining the masses with his gravelly voice and wisecracking ways. With one of our fabulous Popeye costume looks, now you can bring to life one of the most time-honored, classic comic book looks imaginable.

Remember when your mom tried to get you to eat your greens by touting what a little spinach did for the cartoon character Popeye? We're not sure how much of your personal stamina can be attributed to canned spinach, but indeed, Popeye and his tremendous popularity has stood the test of time. Popeye was first introduced to the world back in 1929. His love interest Olive Oyl is usually found by his side, notwithstanding the ever-present annoyance of Bluto, the brutish rogue that is continually trying to steal Olive Oyl away from the muscular sailor man. Between fighting for his love and getting into all sorts of kerfuffle’s and brawls, Popeye is a busy guy. Fueling his life with cans of his popular super food (spinach) Popeye is ready and raring to go. When it comes to traditional, classic costume looks, there are few so fun and easily recognizable as Popeye and Olive Oyl. A perfect costume duo for a great couple's look or equally fantastic on their own, these Popeye costumes are considered to be classic, but unique just the same.