Power Rangers

Power Ranger Costumes

Grab your friends and recreate this group of mega-popular superheroes! This Halloween, use your super powers to overcome evil and have a few extraordinary Power Ranger adventures of your own!

Power Ranger Halloween Costumes! The Power Rangers is a long-running live action children's program that features a group of regular people that have the ability to "morph" into superheroes. These superheroes wear tight, color-coded spandex battle gear along with a helmet designed to keep the wearers identity a secret. The Power Rangers are known for their super human strength, ultra resilience as well as supreme fighting abilities. The Power Ranger colors have changed over the years but the three colors that have always been in the group are Red, Yellow and Blue. Other popular Ranger colors are Pink, Green, Black and White. The Power Rangers are known for their desire to promote the ideas of teamwork, fitness, responsibility as well as helping others. Watching everyday people change into powerful superheroes is entertaining as well as inspirational.