Prehistoric Costumes

Kids of all ages love dinosaurs. What could be better this Halloween than dressing up as a creature (or even a person) straight out of the prehistoric era? This prehistoric costume collection takes you back to a time when it wasn't so out of the ordinary to see a Stegosaurus, Triceratops or even a Tyrannosaurus Rex roaming around the neighborhood.

The prehistoric era is fascinating to us modern folk. With so many truly fantastic and amazing creatures running amok back in those days, everyday life in the prehistoric era is pretty hard even to fathom--, but we do like to try. Generations of kids have loved playing with dinosaur toys or even pretending to be dinosaurs themselves. Because we know how much you and your children love the whole prehistoric era, we've put together what we think is one of the most amazing collections of prehistoric themed costumes and accessories out there. You are going to love these costumes! We have adorable dinosaur looks for even the littlest tots as well as some very exciting prehistoric looks for you much bigger kids. And for the super adventurous costume fans, how about an inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex costume? Toss in a few of your favorite Flintstones cartoon characters, and you have a prehistoric costume collection that is fun, eclectic and filled with tons of variety. Bring the past to the present with one of these amazing prehistoric costume looks!