Race Car Drivers

Race Car Driver Costumes

Americans love cars. And when it comes to cars, there is nothing more American than racecars. Car racing is exciting, loud and thrilling--not to mention one of the most popular sporting activities out there. It's no wonder why Race Car Driver costumes are so trendy!

Car racing is more popular than ever. There is something we find exhilarating about the high speed, the inherent danger, and the fearless talent of the race car drivers. It’s no wonder that millions of folks are completely enraptured with motorsports and car racing. When it comes to Halloween costumes, Race Car driver and motorsports themed costumes are very popular and with good reason. Kids of all ages naturally love dressing up as their favorite motorsport heroes. There is also that whole machismo factor, too--let's face it, race car drivers often are larger than life figures that the masses can (and do) idolize. Men, women, and kids of all ages will find a wide variety of race car driver themed costumes inside this exciting collection, From Lightning McQueen and a legit Speed Demon to cool NASCAR inspired styles and several rather racy women's racer looks, we've got your Race Car driver look exactly on track. Inside this collection, you are sure to find that perfect hot rod costume that is sure to get your heart pumping.