Rocky Horror Picture Show


Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

It's been said that anyone who hasn't had the Rocky Horror Picture Show experience in the theatre is a Rocky Horror "virgin." If you need a Rocky Horror costume to fully complete your deflowering or even if you just want to dress up as one of the Rocky Horror crazy characters this Halloween, these costumes are a classic choice that will make your Rocky Horror experience one to be remembered.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Costumes! The Rocky Horror Picture Show hit theatres in 1975 and rapidly gained popularity with its audiences. By 1977, the film had become an almost cult classic and was infamous for its midnight showings in theatres with the audience in full participation. Lines from the movie would be shouted back or replied to by the audience and various actions from the movie would be re-enacted by viewers as well. It became popular to dress up as various characters from the movie and to bring a bag full of necessary props to enact the movie properly. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the story of Brad and Janet, a newly engaged couple that while out one night get a flat tire and get lost. While trying to look for help, Brad and Janet accidentally stumble into the world of Frank-N-Furter, a flamboyant transvestite that is in the middle of conducting a convention for "Transylvanians." A night of mayhem ensues, as Brad and Janet become thrust into the middle of Frank's insane madness, including when Frank brings his creation, "Rocky Horror" to life.