Saw Movie Masks & Costumes

A recognizable as well as frightful costume idea would be to take a character (or group of them) from this infamous horror flick and do Halloween in true "Jigsaw Killer" fashion. Your costume will definitely pass the torture test.

Saw Pig Head Costumes! After a tragic series of events in his own life including a terminal cancer diagnosis, civil engineer John Kramer sets out to force others to appreciate their own lives by testing their will to survive through various "tests" or "games." If the victim fails to prove their will to survive is strong enough, in John Kramer's (the "Jigsaw" killer's) mind, they didn't deserve to live. The Saw franchise has frightened audiences since 2004, when the original Saw movie came out to scare the daylights out of Moviegoer's everywhere. Since that time, 3 more sequels have come out in succession, each with a more frightful twist on the original storyline and John Kramer's maligned as well as murderous intentions.