Sesame Street

Sesame Street Costumes

If your family or group of friends wants an interesting and fun group costume idea, recreating the cast of Sesame Street can be both a nostalgic as well as charming dress up idea. Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo or the super silly Grover are a few ideas to start with and are all here for you to choose for your special costume. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Absolutely.

Since 1969, the beloved characters of the PBS children's television series, Sesame Street have found their way into children's hearts everywhere. The cast members from the show have been teaching children everything, from how to count and read, to more complex life lessons that are important for kids to know in today's day in age. From the silly and absurd shenanigans of Bert and Ernie, to the daily grumblings from Oscar the Grouch, there is always much to be gleaned from the daily adventures that are found on Sesame Street. No wonder everyone is always asking how to get there. Kids have been visiting this place for over 40 years and most of us have grown up with these memorable characters.