Shopkins Costumes

Our Shopkin costume collection includes costume looks like Cheeky Chocolate, Cupcake Queen, and Strawberry Kiss. These truly charming looks are beautifully detailed and created to look just like your child's adorable little Shopkin friends. When it comes to Shopkins costumes, stop your shopping cart right here at Halloween Express.

What kid doesn't love going grocery shopping? Now, after the shopping is done, kids can take the whole grocery store experience straight home via their imagination and play. Introducing Shopkins! Shopkins began as grocery or food themed playsets that kids can play with, trade and collect. Each food item has a name and falls into a category, namely fruits and veggie, pantry, bakery, sweets, party food, health and beauty, frozen and limited edition. These aren't ordinary toy food items, however. Each individual piece has a name and is made to look extra special with shiny metallic, sparkly or even glittery finishes.