Slipknot Masks

The nine-member band Slipknot is a great Halloween group costume choice. With so many various masks to choose from, recreating the ultimate Heavy Metal band is going to be fun for any group. The frightful nature of the masks themselves is a perfect way to up the fear ante of your next Halloween party, as these masks are not for the timid. Choose the mask you like and you can be James, Joey, Mick, Chris, Craig, Corey, Paul, Clown or Sid. Be sure to get the Slipknot Maggot Masks for all your fans and groupies!

Don't let the fact that these guys are from Iowa fool you. Slipknot is one of the most aggressive Heavy Metal bands to hit the music scene. Formed in 1995, the band claims influences such as KISS, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Judas Priest, Korn, Metallica, White Zombie, Led Zeppelin and the Beastie Boys. Not wanting to be lumped into any one particular category, the band claims to be just "metal, metal." Slipknot's lyrics are very dark and somewhat controversial. Although the incidences were unrelated to the band in any way, certain acts of violence and criminal behavior were purportedly inspired by some of Slipknot's music. In the past the band was also known for extreme on-stage behavior such as lighting band members on fire. Litigation has prohibited much of this type of activity in recent days, although you can still count on a highly energetic show filled with songs nearly growled, screamed or even rapped. The image of Slipknot has also created some mystery over the years as they wear matching uniforms and various masks while on stage. The masks worn by the band members have varied a bit. Some of the masks worn have been death masks, what they called "purgatory masks", and a rather frightful looking clown. The band claims that wearing the different types of masks allows them to retain an intimate relationship with their music and also allows them to keep their personal lives private.