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South Park Costumes

For an irreverent as well as kind of naughty Halloween group dress up experience, the characters of South Park may be just the group of costumes you are looking for. The cast is rude, crude and obnoxious but the characters will add a definite off-color addition to your Halloween gathering.

Cartman costumes, Cartman masks and South park Satan masks! On the Comedy Central Network, you can find the satirical "for mature audiences only" animated sitcom called South Park. The name South Park stems from the fictional town in Colorado where the comedy supposedly takes place-namely, South Park, Colorado. The 4 boys that are featured in the show are best friends and are perpetually in approximately 3rd or 4th grade. Stan Marsh is portrayed as the average, yet slightly askew, nearly normal kid of the group. Kyle Broflovski is the only Jewish kid amongst the four and sadly becomes the brunt of a few jokes because of this. Eric Cartman is the most obnoxious, boisterous and raunchy kid of the bunch. He also is a racist as well as an anti-Semitic. Kenny McCormick comes from a very poor family and is well known for wearing a tight hoodie around his head. He has died in numerous episodes and continues to come back to life without any explanation whatsoever.