Spades Costumes

No matter what your opinion is of the associated meanings of all the Spades, dressing up as one of these full sized playing cards for Halloween is going to make you and your friends the life of your Halloween party - hands down!

Ace of Spades costumes, Jack of Spades costumes and Royal Flush costumes! In the English language, people have been using the phrase "calling a spade a spade" for centuries. The terminology "in spades" is probably much more recent. Compared to the other suits found in a deck of cards, spades is often considered to be the best of all of them, or the highest ranking of the suits. Over time, certain cards have come to carry with them premonitory meanings as well. For example the 10 of Spades has carried with it an ominous meaning and is still considered to be unlucky. The Ace of Spades is sometimes thought to be "The Death Card" but others consider it to be representative of knowledge or power. The Queen of Spades usually represents a woman of intelligence, power and logic. The Jack of Spades is a card representing justice but sometimes is associated with finding trouble.