Spartan Cheerleader


Spartan Cheerleader Costumes

Craig and Arianna are lovable losers that are cheering their hearts out with bumbling and uncoordinated routines. Recreating this goofy pair will make a crazy as well as spirited addition to your Halloween festivities. This super silly couple will add hilarity as well as warped school spirit to any costume party. Don't forget your Boom box!

Male cheerleader costumes and Female cheerleader costumes! If you are a fan of Saturday Night Live, you've probably seen a sketch starring two of the most abysmally awkward, self-appointed cheerleaders you've ever seen. Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri star as Craig and Arianna, the duo of cheerleaders that likes to show their school spirit at all times, even when the cheering isn't really welcomed by others. "The Spartans" are often told to leave when they show up unwelcomed, but this doesn't stop them from chanting their school spirit, which never seems to wane. These two just keep on cheering anyway.