Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers Costumes

Whether you are a gamer or not, dressing up as these quirky Nintendo stars is going to be a heckuva lot of fun. See how many levels you can get through in one of these recognizable and hilarious renditions of Nintendo's lovable characters. As Mario or Luigi, your night of fun is anything but GAME OVER!

Super Mario costumes, Luigi costumes and Adult Mario costumes! In 1985, the video game world was about to have its world rocked by a couple of Italian American plumbers named Mario and Luigi. After a couple of years of ridding the NYC sewer system of all its cretins, Mario and Luigi were reinvented by the good people of Nintendo, this time to run around the Mushroom Kingdom collecting coins, rescuing Princesses and surviving attacks by Bowser. Video game players everywhere loved Mario and Luigi enough to make Super Mario Brothers the best selling video game of all time up until about 2009. With over 40 million copies sold, Nintendo's very active plumber characters have become 2 of the most popular video game characters on record.