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Teletubbies Costumes

Tinky Winky is purple, Dipsy is green, Laa-Laa is yellow and Po is red. For some whimsical as well as light-hearted Halloween fun, kids of all ages can recreate the Teletubbies to have a mischievous and playful good time.

Dipsy costumes, LaaLaa costumes, Po costumes and Tinky costumes! On a bright sunny day (and with a glorious sun in the sky containing a giggling face of a baby) a mysterious pinwheel appears in the middle of a meadow, announcing to a group of giggling, colorful creatures what the days activities are going to include. This chubby foursome of smiling characters is known as the Teletubbies, and they are ready to play. These whimsical characters look remotely human, except that they are covered in bright colored fur, have television monitors in their bellies and a single antenna perched atop their head. The popular PBS syndicated show directed towards pre-school age children, ran on television from 1998-2005. Voted "the Best Pre-school Live Action Series" for children in 2002, the Teletubbies were keeping little ones everywhere mesmerized with their lighthearted jibberish, uh-oh's and bye-bye's.