The Simpsons

The Simpsons Costumes

The Simpson Family is a hilarious group costume theme for Halloween or any other dress up event. Start practicing your "D'oh" and be sure to stock up on plenty of beer and donuts. This Halloween is going to be quite simply, "Cowabunga!"

Simpson Family Costumes, Homer and Bart Simpson Costumes! The Simpson's is an animated sitcom created by Matt Groening. At it's inception, The Simpsons ran as "shorts" during the Tracey Ullman Show, but after 3 seasons of this, the show became the 30 minute program on The Fox Network that we know it as today. The show features a working class family known as the Simpson's. Homer, the father, is kind of a boorish, dimwitted guy who works as a safety inspector at the local nuclear power plant. Admittedly, he himself has caused the majority of "accidents" that have occurred at the facility. Homer is lazy, loves to lie on the couch, drink beer and his favorite snack is donuts! Homer is married to Marge, the typical housewife, sporting a very large bouffant of bright blue hair. Marge and Homer are the parents of 3 children. Bart is the 10 year old, bratty problem child who is constantly getting into trouble. Lisa is far smarter than her mere 8 years and is the family over achiever. Maggie is a baby and communicates primarily through sucking on her pacifier. >In addition to regularly scheduled programming, "The Simpsons" has an annual anticipated Halloween episode that has become known as the "Treehouse of Horror" special. Each episode in this Treehouse series features the Simpson family involved in some ghastly horror, science fiction, or paranormal situation.