Transformer Costumes

The Transformers concept is a wonderful idea for a Halloween costume, for individuals or for a group. With so many of the cast of characters from Transformer's to choose from, your Halloween is likely to make a quick transformation into something truly magical, indeed.

We have Transformer Halloween Costumes! The concept of the Transformers actually began as a toy line created by Hasbro in about 1984. Two groups of alien robots were at war. The Autobots were battling the evil Decepticons. These robots had the ability to morph themselves from being obvious robots right into everyday looking apparatus or machinery, which enabled them to be easily disguised when the need would arise. The Transformers gained in popularity and eventually became a popular Marvel Comic Strip as well as starring in an animated television series. In 2007, the Transformers were made into their first feature length science fiction film. The concept of the Transformers was very popular with moviegoer's and was considered a huge box office hit, largely due to great casting, amazing sound and visual effects. Since the original film release, 2 more sequels have come to theatres and both have been very popular with audiences.